Advokatur Ritter & Partner

Law practice

Reasonable. Persuasiveness backed by expert knowledge, sound reasoning and mutual empathy. These are the guiding principles of our work in the complex world of the law and legal matters. An uncompromising and committed attitude that delivers sensible solutions for our clients. Constructive, communicative and professional.

When dealing with changing situations, a professional approach is vital.

Rooted. The management of our law firm is now in its fourth generation. Our strong links to our country and its people also give us the strength to look beyond our borders: international companies, regional businesses and private individuals from all over the world put their trust in us.

Stability is the opposite of inconsistency.

Reliable. Evaluating information and analysing case records in-depth is our stock in trade. But our most precious asset is not immediately obvious: trust is the hidden value that binds us together. Our approach calls for intellect and compassion.

Trust and integrity are the basis of all relationships with our clients.